Led Lighted Up shoes For Men

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Description of product

Color :- White
Outer Material :- Mesh
Ideal For :-Men
Occasion :- Sports
Product Type: Fiber Optic Illuminated Shoes Upper material: fiber woven fabric Single and double gross weight: 0.5KG Sole material: EVA secondary foaming Shoe light color: 7 colors Shoe light stalls: 12 modes Light shoes size: 26-45 Charging time: 1-3 hours Power supply time: 5-7 hours Illuminated shoe cleaning instructions 1. Before cleaning the led shoes, you need to exhaust the led battery to ensure that the cleaning can be started when the power has been consumed! 2. When cleaning, pour the shoes into the water and pick them up quickly. Do not soak for a long time! 3. After the shoes are wet, add cleaning solution or bleach to clean! 4. After cleaning, you can soak the shoes into the water and lift it up quickly, keep it upside down, wipe the stains on the shoes with a clean cloth, and put the shoes on. Keep it in an inverted state and dry it. 5. Charged products, minimize cleaning

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